Please go through the following instructions & illustrations to access the GeeekAssess application.

Declaration: This assessment application will require, stream & capture your Webcam & Desktop Screensharing streams as part of the Home-based assessment requirement. The process will involve an Invigilation Setup where you will self-certify the creation of the above streams, and the same will be displayed to you up front.

Important Pre-Requisite: Candidate should ensure a stable internet connection via broadband or hotspot of atleast 2 MBPS through the duration of the test.

  1. Login Details for Candidate
    • URL: <Shared in the Invite Email>
    • Login: <Shared in the Invite Email>
    • Password: <Shared in the Invite Email>
    • Please confirm the presence of a Mandatory Demo Test on the Test Dashboard.
  2. Auto-Invigilation Testing & Setup
    • Step 1: Look for the Start Demo Capturing button on your screen and allow permissions for Screen Sharing as well as Camera/microphone on your Chrome/Firefox browsers. Check for the Successful capture of the streams which will be played to you as below. Auto-Invigilation Set-Up Instructions
    • Step 2: Once you manually verify the creation of respective streams - Desktop, Webcam - click the checkbox & submit the demo videos to go back to the Test dashboard. Submit Demo Videos
    • Step 3: Click Start to Begin a Test and allow all the Streams required before progressing into the test. Follow the steps post that as per the messages in the flow.
    • Step 4: The test interface opens in a mandatory Full-screen interface and you will not be permitted to exit the screen at any point of time. Contact TechSupport in case of Internet downtime.
    • Step 5: Your test environment is monitored throughout with your Desktop/Webcam streamed to the GeeekAssess servers for the duration of the test – so, ensure you complete a test (once started) in a single sitting.

Tech Support for GeeekAssess

Mandatory infrastructure requirements to take up the test

So, please ensure that the above mandatory requirements are in place.